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Like every other writer we know of, we welcome feedback and knowing what our readers think of us. If you'd like to tell us what you think of our site generally please write to the address shown below. It's a graphic to avoid the attention of address harvester bots, so I'm afraid you'll have to enter it manually into your email program. Sorry, but we get quite enough spam email as it is. Your message will go to our webmaster. A link at the end of each story will also bring you back here, and you can send feedback on that particular story. The webmaster will make sure it goes to the right person.

  The WriteZone Team

If you would like to tell us what you think of our site, please write to:
    Write to - webmaster[at]

If you want to comment on a story or poem, please add the title to the subject line of your email, and write to:
Write to authors[at]